Highly qualified workers for seasonal employment in the United Kingdom

LLC Davri Istiqlol is the market leader in Central Asia, offering seasonal skilled and unskilled jobs in different countries.




Service sector


About us

LLC Davri Istiqlol is licensed by the Employment Center of Tajikistan

We are a market leader in Tajikistan, offering seasonal skilled and unskilled job opportunities in United Kingdom. This includes positions in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, construction, agriculture and service sector.

Our mission

To facilitate the placement of candidates for work abroad for various types of work for up to 6 months. We strive to provide highly qualified and dedicated workers for seasonal employment in the United Kingdom

Our employees

We are working closely with the candidates

Ensure that all candidates for seasonal jobs are interviewed and thoroughly vetted, fully informed about the job description and motivated to work.

The workers will have the right expectation and are well suited for the job they will be doing.

We can ensure the selection of candidates for various orders and can always replace some candidates if necessary.

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Recruitment Process

How do we select employees to work for you


Identification of needs

The company determines which types of work and to what extent it is necessary to perform in a certain season. Based on this, the number of required employees and their professional skills are determined.


Job advertising

The company posts information about vacancies on various job search platforms such as websites, social networks, specialized portals and others. Information can also be disseminated through personal contacts, industry associations and other channels.


Selection of candidates

When receiving applications from candidates, the company conducts an initial selection based on formal criteria such as work experience, education, age and availability of necessary documents.


Interviews and testing

Selected candidates are invited to an interview, where a more in-depth analysis of their professional and personal qualities is carried out, as well as checking the level of language proficiency, if necessary. It is possible to conduct professional tests or practical tasks.


Conclusion of employment contracts

After successful completion of all stages of selection, the company concludes employment contracts with candidates for a certain period (usually for a season). The contract specifies the conditions of work, payment, accommodation and other important aspects.


Selection of candidates

When receiving applications from candidates, the company conducts an initial selection based on formal criteria such as work experience, education


Support for the Applicants & Businesses

We are the first point of contact during application process and alternative point of contact during the work in UK;

We care about the quality of people we supply. We visit the companies we work with and also bring our staff to stay with workers while they are trained to give them an advise for better productivity in the beginning of the season if you order many people.

It takes us 3-7 days to bring extra staff or organise a replacement.

We can always move people to another job in case of sale drop or other circumstances.

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Why are our employees?

As a leading seasonal employment agency, we understand that choosing the right employer is crucial for a successful working season. That’s why we offer a range of benefits to our clients, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both parties.


Utilizing seasonal labor from Tajikistan can be a cost-effective solution for businesses facing fluctuating workloads. These workers often provide a flexible workforce, allowing companies to scale their manpower according to seasonal demands without the long-term commitments associated with permanent staff.

Cultural Diversity

Hiring seasonal workers from Tajikistan adds a cultural diversity to the workforce, fostering a rich and dynamic work atmosphere. This diversity often leads to enhanced creativity and problem-solving within the team.

Dedication and Hard Work

Seasonal workers from Tajikistan are known for their strong work ethic and dedication. They bring a diligent and committed approach to their tasks, contributing to increased productivity during peak seasons.


Tajik seasonal workers are highly adaptable to different work environments and conditions. Whether it's agriculture, manufacturing, or services, their ability to quickly adjust to new settings makes them valuable assets during seasonal demands.


What industries do we work with?

From manufacturing and logistics to construction, service, and agriculture, our workforce is adept at contributing excellence across diverse industries, ensuring your seasonal needs are met with utmost proficiency.


Seasonal workers play a crucial role in the manufacturing sector, providing additional manpower during peak production periods and ensuring efficient assembly line operations.


In the logistics sector, seasonal workers contribute to the smooth flow of goods and services, handling increased shipping demands and helping companies navigate heightened distribution needs.


Seasonal workers in the construction industry are vital for tackling seasonal projects, providing skilled labor during busy building seasons and supporting timely completion of construction initiatives.

Service sector

Within the service sector, seasonal workers enhance customer service and hospitality, catering to increased demand during peak seasons such as holidays or special events.

Agricultural Sector

In agriculture, seasonal workers are essential for planting, harvesting, and maintaining crops, offering valuable labor during specific times of the year to ensure successful agricultural production.

We are open to cooperation

We are the first point of contact during application process and alternative point of contact during the work in UK

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